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released June 14, 2015



all rights reserved


Base Doge Chicago, Illinois

Lost Boys

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Track Name: 4016 (Prod. By Ronin)
got a strong fucking feeling in my fucking chest, gonna die young now I'm thinking that I'm blessed. crush up pills to ignore all my fucking stress, I'm lair and I'm ugly and i do it best. cut me open don't stop till I'm outta blood. i fuck up everything and make it seem like it's fun. how i wish that this pain could be fucking done, but i know that it just begun

every morning i wake up to a girl I don't love.
she thinks that I'm perfect but i am sadly no one. smoking every cigarette i get my hands on. cheap fucking packs build up in the sun.
wishing i could be better than i am now.
hoping you could see that I'm really trying now. acting like king, but for you I'd gladly bow. but for now, ill rest in pieces with the ones who brought me down.

vague and disgusting i'm a fucking waste.
come suck my dick if you want a taste.
gonna end up homeless at the rate that I'm going.
if i said i loved you, hope you know that i was joking.
got your bitch on her knees steady fucking choking.
she's a lair if she said she wasn't fucking soaking.
bitch i don't give a fuck cause I'm steady smoking.
try to beat my ass, ima leave you bent and broken.
I'm so fucked up, I'm a fucking fiend
shattering my dreams, sipping on my lean.
losing all the ones that were close to me.
my happiness is locked, and i lost my key.
Track Name: Mom (Prod. By bsd.u)
16 years of this progress and you already know. That you failed big time, and you're about to go. Just like dad you're a fuckhead too. Permanently motionless, steady smoking blue. I guess that i'm fine when i'm with my friends. My mamma calls me up saying where you been and i'm like we're smoking reefer. Getting so high i'm in fucking space. Talkin' shit bitch, say it to my fucking face. If daddy never loved you called you such a disgrace. Yo mamma always loved you, gave you fucking kisses on your face. But no i will not lie, your life is so much better than mine. That's why i choose to get so fucking high. This world is so fucking shitty man. Like dad and i..
Track Name: Waste (Prod. By M Ghost)
Mind is clear, Sound so soothing.
Death is near, Wish you knew me.
I've been wondering where you went.
My hearts been lying in the fucking cement.
Track Name: Basement Ft. MORS (Prod. By BYOU$)
homies in the back, feeling great so amazing.
pour another drink, let me show you the basement.
cutting out my bones make me flexible.
hit the bowl. her body is so edible, she hungry for these testicles.
never leave her starving bitch I'm smoking this medical.
popping pills like tic tacks, you get that?
got a backpack filled with snacks, and some nick nacks. smoking on this J, gonna eat her like a kit kat. driving for awhile, just to hit that, fuck that. i dont have the fucking time to bless you with my sack.
blowing up like kamikazes, on a ship deck. fuck with me and youre sure as hell to get fucking wrecked. listen to my flow and you'll probably get erect. i cant fuck all these bitches, all we do fucking sext.
tell me what is next, lost boys is the fucking best. try to overcome we will put you with the fucking rest. bitch get in line, we are smoking, mid fucking sesh. fuck all the fame and the money i just want set.

Now tell me what you know about this fuckin' life I live Nothing, so step of, fore I fill you with a fuckin' clip Listen to these words I spit bars straight xanex, so get down on your knees and snort it off my fuckin' dick.
My bitch fine as fuck, whatcha know about that head game Fuck with me, boy I'll hit you with that ak Your bitch goin' down on me, yellin' mayday
I gotta make that fuckin' money, ain't no other way My homies down for the cause, what do you say? Lost boys they got my back, they the realest Bitch you know I stay fly I'm the illest.